Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Forgot about yesterday

Yesterday doesn't matter. Short boring day.

Early morning mist

Today was a bit more exciting. While still on the short end in terms of mileage, the run was good.

I did pass a sign that said "Attala county" and I immediately started to go uphill. I thought that was ironic. (a talla county? Get it?)

Lots of ups and downs to keep it interesting and tons of trees were a welcomed sight. I finished quickly and met up with Mr. Watson.

He showed me around the town of Philadelphia, Ar. We ate at an old drug store.

Two words: Milk shake.
While I was a bit skeptical that a milk shake could bring all the boys to the yard, this one would've brought me back to te yard.

Afterward, we launched his kayaks into the Pearl River and we went floating down. It was really calm and nice to be outside without seeing a major road under my feet. But we did see a cottonmouth snake. Not my favorite part...

He also showed me a place called Neshoba Fair Grounds where they have a huuuuuuge fair every summer. They have all these cabins where people stay for horse races and concerts and speakers. BUT people only live there a month out of the whole year.

brightly colored cabins

Good day.

-- Patrick

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  1. That drug store looked cool...drifting down river is a great way to spend the afternoon.