Friday, March 19, 2010

Lake Village

Where do I start with Lake Village?

Let's start with where this place is. It's right on the Mississippi River and Lake Chicot. (pronounced shico, it's French)

Yesterday it was great to meet so many people and it was very nice to have so many people come out to where I ended. Last night a bunch of teachers came to Brianne's house, where I'm staying, and we had home made pizza. Yes.

It was really nice talking to the teachers. They are part of the Teach for America program. It's really an admirable program and the teachers are incredible people. I feel lucky to have met all of them...even though I can't remember any of their names.

Today started out with a ride out to the Mississippi River bridge to see the guy who is crossing the country in his buggy dragged by his horse cross the river. It was great!! He started in Corpus Christi....a year and a half ago!! It doesn't sound like he is in any hurry. But it was kinda cool that I caught up with a horse.

Next, Brianne and I went to Lakeside High School and talked to a couple of Mr. Pratt's classes and they asked some very interesting questions.

"When I get to a lake or river, do I swim across it?"
That was my favorite.

From there we went to Lake Port Plantation which is an old plantation house they've restored from the old cotton days.

I didn't realize how crooked that picture was until now.
It's a very nice house with 10 or 12 foot tall doors. They also had a commissary in the back where they used to sell food as well.

Peanut butter. 25 cents.

Lard. 80 cents. I didn't know they were making Oreos back in the day but I'm sure they were just as good.

After that we went on a tour of the Chicot Lake on a boat! It was a great day to be on the water.

Nice house and some cypress trees.

Busy day. Good day. Nice place. Great people.
-- Patrick

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  1. Hi, We live in Clayton, Alabama near Eufaula and the "Mr. Watson" you met in Philadelphia, MS is our son. We enjoyed reading your comments and seeing your pictures. Best wishes for a successful and safe run, John and Cathy Watson.