Saturday, March 20, 2010


I guess I should start at the beginning. Today was great. I ran 9 or 10 miles to the Mississippi river bridge. I knew that I was meeting two people there, but it turned out 7 people came! It was so great to run with people. I always forget how great it is running with people until I run with them again.

This was the most people I have run with since before I started this trip.

They were a great group of people and I can't express how much I enjoyed running with everyone. We took the new bridge. There are actually 2 bridges. The new one isn't open yet but the police that escourted us across let us in and so we took it!

Picture from inside the back of the police car.

I'd like to think I was the first one who was crossing the country to cross the Mississippi on the new bridge...but I don't know that for sure so I guess I can't say that.

Of course, with crossing the Mississippi River comes the border of the state of Mississippi, which is good.

Unfortunately, the big group and myself parted ways at the sign and I got back on the road on my way going east.

The rest of the day was flat. Flaaaaaaaaaaaaat. AND there was gravel, which the stroller didn't resond too well to. I just walked those sections because running would've been a nightmare. 37 miles felt great today.

-- Patrick


  1. Back from Haiti, I was glad to see you are doing well. Was able to get WiFi at the D.R. airport so I had the chance to read a little of your blog. Keep going strong, Coach B-

  2. Crossing the Mississippi River is great! When I did it 2007 it was the only place where I had to take help from a car because pedestrians were not allowed to be on the bridge.

    Glad to se that you follow your schedule. You have now done 70 % of your race and have "only" one month left.

  3. yo fuzzy i got your voicemail! ill be calling you in a few from work!