Sunday, March 28, 2010


I left Louisville today. (Or Lousv'll as they say it there) I left from the steps of the Methodist church there in town where we had the pasta dinner a couple nights back.

When I left, I was joined by the same two guys who ran the 10 miles into town with me and also a girl who won Jr. Miss for Winston county. She now goes onto the state competition and the plan is to woop up on the other girls from Mississippi and win. From what I gathered, Jr. Miss is like proving you're a Renaissance man...except for high school girls. You have to be good at everything!

I think I'll stick to my running and maybe it'll win me the talent portion of the competition...I'd win the spelling bee too. Me a exelent speelllr!

Good luck Faith!!

Brian and Bubba, the two other runners stuck with me for the first 15 or so miles and got to the county line. I enjoyed the company of these guys because they just liked to laugh, which was great for the morale of the cloudy day. We had a good time an parted ways when Bubba's wife Candice came to pick them up.

Bubba, me, Brian

The rest of the day was fine and I finished. I'm with the Millers tonight in Macon.

And that's all I have to say about that.

-- Patrick

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  1. Had a ball, made my weekend!! They don't say "woop up" in Virginia?