Friday, March 12, 2010

Days off with my woman

Katie came to visit me! Woo hoo!! The bad news is she had to go home.

We decided that since we were in a part of the country neither of us had been before (and probably never will again) we'd take a little trip down to Shreveport, Louisiana.

If you've never been, well, I can't say you're missing a ton. Not that it's not a nice little city, there just weren't a whole heap of sights to see.

BUT!! There was a casino. El Dorado, they call it. Home of penny slot machines and a surprising amount of people over the age 65 winning, or losing, large amounts of moolah. A place in the world that still had cigarette machines and where, on a Wednesday evening, the majority of the cities population was residing.

We figured we should challenge lady luck and try to beat her. Eighteen dollars between the two of us later we decided maybe gambling wasn't for us. Katie had to drag me out of there kicking and screaming though. Plus, we chose what slots to play based on the cartoon characters on the outside of the machine. Needless to say, we didn't know what we were doing and El Dorado didn't exactly give an intructional seminar on how to get serious about slot machines. I'd rather just find out where you're supposed to bump the machine to make the wheels stop so you win.

In other news, we were in a part of the country that sells BBQ sauce by the jug!!

The pic doesn't look that big but that thing is bigger than my head.

-- Patrick


  1. I have been to Shreveport, LA...totally agree not much going on there. Terri Bradshaw is from there and being from Pittsburgh I guess I'm supposed to care about that :)
    Just wanted to say thanks for doing this!! My avatar is a pic of my niece Tali who was dx with JIA at the age of 1...she has been through so much already...few people know that arthritis can happen in little ones. I am doing the arthritis walk in my community this year (nothing compared to what you are doing) and have raised $1300 so far out of my goal of $5000. Good luck reaching your goal...I'm having trouble reaching mine :( There is always next year though:)