Monday, March 8, 2010


I ended where Katie found me on the side of the highway 7 miles west of Magnolia. I was going to try to make it all the way to Magnolia so she didn't have to drive any furthur than the 13 hours she already had. Yea. 13 hours. Yikes!

I am in Arkansas now which is awesome. No offense Texas but you're too big. Lay off the donut shops and Dairy Queen and, you too, can be the size of a normal state. Now that Katie is here it is time for a little break. This is the last break before I hit the Atlantic. Good news. I believe I'm down to 5 weeks left.

Since yesterday turned into a 50 mile day, it has made this my heaviest mileage week ever. 240 miles this week. Previously, my weeks were in the 210 range. Most people even when they are training hard for a marathon are doing around 70-100 mile weeks. The famed Kenyan marathon runners are doing between 70-90 miles a weeks. The difference is their miles hover somewhere between the speed of sound and light.

-- Patrick


  1. Enjoy your week off and your time with Katie. Cindy

  2. Patrick, I too had grown tired of Texas. Another state conquered! enjoy your time, Relax and heal!

    Dennis Sullivan
    Buena Park, CA

  3. Who knew you liked IHOP so much. Welcome to Arkansas!

  4. Patrick,

    Texas is indeed a big, successful state. Running across its width means that you will have run all the way across two countries since Texas is the only state out of all fifty to ever be a country as well. Maybe once you are on the road again everybody will shut their envious piehole about my beloved home state.
    Good Luck, Fair weather and God speed on your march to the region where 'Deliverance' took place (at least in the movie).

  5. Keep it up. YOu are entertaining me with your blog and videos. I am keeping you in my prayers. We are looking forward to seeing you when you get to AL.

    Aunt Marie