Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy busy busy

Today started off with a trip to the radio studio. The local radio station had me on their show and it was great! They had also done a lot to help promote the pasta dinner we had tonight so that was a great help as well.

The radio segment went well and a lot quicker than I was expecting. And I don't think I said, "um" too many times. Which is good.

The radio room

Next we were off to Winston Academy. I spoke with the seniors and they were a very nice group of kids, and seemed interested.

Next, we went to the restaurant called The Bypass. They were doing a fundraiser for the run and donated a portion of the meals to the run. I liked meeting the people that came out to that.

The hotel next to the Bypass.

Somewhere in that morning we went to Mary Lou's Biscuit Bar.
I was looking at some of the signatures on the wall and I saw this one.

He and his two friends ran almost the exact same route two years ago! Crazy.

Next was Louisville high school. I spoke with the athletes of the school. Mainly the football team. They were a funny group and were completely around me so I kept spinning around so I could see all of them. They were also very interested in my 40 yard dash time...I haven't even been timed in the mile since about 8th grade. They were the state champs last year in football so good luck to you guys this year. Not that I know a whole heap about football, but based on the size of some of those money would be on Louisville.

The end of the day brought with it the pasta dinner fundraiser. This idea was fantastic. The whole town came together to donate the food and sell tickets. We had a great turnout and by the end of the evening we had about 140 people come out and raised $2500 dollars! Not too shabby!!!! I was able to meet everyone there, and while I did feel a bit like a polititian, I was glad I was able speak with everyone. They were all so nice and welcoming.

It's hard to explain how it feels to be welcomed like this to a town you've never been to and have complete strangers come out of the woodwork to go above and beyond to help some "running nomad." It is a very different feeling. It's the kind of thing that restores faith in humanity.

Thank you Forsters.

They are the reason everything here was organized the way it was.

-- Patrick

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  1. And a JRA mom will also say, "Thank you, Forsters." It means a lot to the children with JRA.