Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Run long enough and it'll all go away

Alright, first things first. Happy 3rd Birthday Macy!!

Today started off rough. When I got out of bed this morning, my knee didn't work. I could only bend it about 10% of normal and couldn't put any weight on it if it were bent at all. Wierd.

Of course, this lack of mobility is not ideal for running...or walking for that matter. But I packed up my stuff and hoped for the best. When I started the day it was cold and windy. I would've liked to run to try to stay warm but when I tried my leg literally wouldn't hold me up. It was ALMOST funny; except, it wasn't. I kept walking for awhile and my frustration kept growing. Every couple minutes I try to run again and still, I would be forced to stop.

Normally, I can run through these little problems. Today, it wasn't my choice. I would hobble for a minute or two and walk. Hobble for another minute or two, and walk. As the day went on and the blood was flowing a little more, things got a little looser. Pain subsided and I was able to tolerate more and more running mixed with walking. By the end of the day I had about 90% mobility and was able to run without stopping. Ta-da!

I did cut the day short by 10 miles and only got 20 miles in. So tomorrow I will make up the difference but I think it will be back to normal tomorrow so it will all be great.

I think the knee issue was a result of my feet and legs being numb yesterday and my stride falling down the drain. That's the only thing I can come up with.

-- Patrick


  1. oh dear...hang in there! I love the title of this post by the way...

  2. yo fuzzy! way to keep pushing forward! youre over half way there man, we all cant wait to see you!
    stay in tour mode!