Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hey first things first, if you're on facebook, join this group. It's a Tybee Island (and me) fan page. We're trying to get a ton of people there for one big last fundraiser for this run!


In other news, I got new SmartWool socks.

Who says penguins are the only things with "happy feet?"

Today started with a trip to Gardner-Strong elementary school. They were great kids and asked some very interesting questions... "How much can I bench press?" Can't say I've gotten that question before.

The run went well, and was surrounded by water for most of the day. I believe I was around the delta region today.

I haven't reported the weather in a little while, so I guess I'll do that. Today was 65 and overcast. The past couple days have been in the 50s in the morning but have heated to 75 by mid afternoon. Perfect running weather. Sorry to everyone stuck in winter.

I was barked at a lot today and wished that at least one of those dogs would shut up and just run with me. Would've been a nice change.

-- Patrick

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  1. Love the socks and the colors. Tell SmartWool to send some of those cool colors to Portland!