Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last night in Texas

Texarkana. It's where I am. I met up with my dad's friend Bruce Lachney this morning and it was great to meet him. He had a car. I had a jogger. He offered to take it and I put up no arguement. So, I didn't have to push it today which was great because there was lots of construction and the shoulder was puny.

The miles today went very quickly. Mr. Lachney met me in Texarkana and we had lunch.

Unfortunately, my blisters returned yesterday on the 40 mile day. Along with a third joining the gang. So today, I did surgery to repair the damage. I did, however, realize why I just started getting blisters. My shoes are too small. They were the right size but then swelled up. It's a good thing today was the last day on that pair and my next pair, I bought a size up thinking this might happen.

The good news is that I still have all my toenails.

Tomorrow I get to see Katie!

-- Patrick


  1. I bet you feel like you have been in Texas FOREVER!!!! Congrats on making it through the Lonestar State! And to new shoes!

  2. Go Patrick go! We were just reading your blog and watching your videos. You are an amazing young man...would love to see your Dad out there running with you!