Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy birthday Dad!!!

Today is my Dad's birthday, so, I thought I'd dedicate the first day running in a week to him. It was a 33 mile day, and since he hasn't been anywhere NEAR 33 for quite some time, I thought I'd point out the obvious fact that there is no connection whatsoever.

Let's get started then:

Name: Desi
Birthdate: March 14, 5 BC
Favorite food: chocolate covered dinosaur eggs (he was fed them as a child). He prefers t-rex eggs but he'll eat brontosaurus eggs too.
Favorite color: he hasn't decided yet because up until the 70s, everything was just in black and white anyway so, I think he's still getting used to colors.
Most famous accomplishment: I'm pretty sure he was the guy that invented the wheel...or fire.

Anyway, if you see him, wish him a happy birthday and slap him on the back. But not too hard, we don't want to hurt his back. (We know how those old people can be) ; ) Happy Birthday Dad!!

Alright, enough with the old jokes and roasting my old man.

Today's run went well. It was green. I appreciate the greenery. Arkansas might not have a whole lot so far but it is more interesting to look at.

In other news, I'm sure you'll all be as relieved as I was to find out that the Huddle House has not lost all form of dignity in this recession.

Though, if I were to have a kid...AND let the Hud House munch on the little morsel...don't you think that I should be the one to get paid? After all, I just gave them a kid and they got a meal out of the deal. Maybe Arkansas is a little different than I thought. Oh well, I guess I know where I'm not having kids....unless the little buggers get annoying. Maybe the Huddle House should offer a daycare service on the other side of the sign, just to balance out the services.

I ended in El Dorado. I assumed I would receive a brick of gold when I entered the city; it being the lost city of gold and all. But no gold was to be had, or seen, for that matter. Then I found out this city is pronounced "Doraydo." Yes. I agree. It is wierd and I would rather have the gold but oh well.

They have telephone booths here. Cool.
-- Patrick

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