Monday, March 15, 2010

Cool thing to happen #1 gazillion

I'm sitting here in my tent and I hear a car pull up so I'm thinking to myself, "Please don't be the cops, please don't be the cops."

A person steps out asks if anyone is in there. I get out of the tent and Mr. Medlin is standing there. I'm camping in Medlin's Hardware's lot tonight. He and his wife had brought me dinner!! It was awesome!! A home cooked meal, mmmmmmm. AND as if that wasn't cool enough, it was shake n bake chicken! My mom makes shake n bake. Mrs. Medlin apologized because it wasn't fried chicken, but they are watching their cholesterol. I love shake n bake! There was corn, salad, bread, and a tiny pie as well.

They stayed and talked for a while and she said she saw me earlier in the day. At first, she thought I was homeless. Score!! But then she said my legs don't look much like a homeless person's legs. Double score!!

Coolest random thing to happen in a while.

-- Patrick


  1. Hmmmm. Good home cooking. You can't beat that! Have a good run tomorrow! Cindy

  2. It was so great meeting you on Sunday. I love the story of the Medlins bringing you dinner! Here is hoping for a gazillion more cool things to come your way.

    Tracey and Owen Chesser

  3. If you were running in my country, Sweden, you dont have to be afraid because it´s legal to camp anywhere 1-2 nights. Here you don´t see signs "No tresspassing" and we don´t have any fence for stopping people, just animals. On the other hand, nobody would bring you dinner.

    I have also got food from strangers along the roads when running in your country. I love the hospitality in USA but not that you are forbidden to camp on private land or that your law says that runners areforbidden on highways without sholders. During my latest coast to coast I was stopped several times by the crazy policemen but the cops were friendly when they understood that I was a was a white man from Europe . . .

    Keep on running!

  4. Hey Patrick! Congrats on the journey so far. You are doing some crazy miles!

    I drove Katie Visco's support vehicle as she ran Boston-San Diego last fall, and I found out about your run on Facebook. I love this post - isn't it amazing the amount of random kindness there is in the states? I hope it follows you all the way to Georgia! Enjoy the trip.

    Jenny Sadler